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A video of local pictures that will give you a little feel for how beautiful our region is. 
Ed and Melanie's Vacation Information about the Monferrato region of Piemonte

We have created these pages to help our friends and family get oriented when they visit our region of Italy. Here you will find lots of links to near by B&B's, restaurants, festivals and events, even real estate and car rental information. Our hope is that this site will enhance your visit and allow you to explore the area without being overly dependant on us to act as tour guides. 

Some Important Information:

  • Piemonte is famous for great food. You should plan to eat when you come here. Diet first if you have to, but don't deny yourself one of our region's greatest assets.
  • Wine tasting is another past time most visitors enjoy and the Monferrato is loaded with great wineries. Take the time to visit them and sample their wines.
  • You will need a place to stay, unfortunately, we only have one bedroom, so staying with us is not possible. See the B&B links to the left.
  • You will also definitely need a car. Distances are great and the public transportation system here is not all that it could be and we have learned that it is not much fun shuttling friends around. Please visit Auto Europa to rent a car.
  • Street markets are fantastic in Italy, you have to attend at least one. 


For more information please see the menu bar to the left.

Click on our house to see the restoration project we underwent..

We live in Zanco di Villadeati in the county of Alessandria. We are 20 minutes north of Asti, 50 minutes east of Turin and 1:30 minutes west of Milano.

Monferrato is less crowded and less expensive than the Langhe, and because there has been less growth and fewer modern buildings, our villages are better preserved. The countryside is a series of rolling hills planted with a mixture of crops, for example, from our 16th century church here in Zanco, we can see vineyards, lavender fields, sunflower fields, hazelnut groves, corn and wheat fields and various orchards. As a back-drop you have a fantastic 180° view of the Alps on a clear day. Most of the local villages are perched on the hilltops and are virtually untouched by the last century. The food is (of course) fantastic here and the white truffles are famous from this region. Moncalvo, Montechiaro and Murisengo have lovely truffle fairs in the Fall and they are far less touristic than the one in Alba.